Lice Removal Products

Lice Removal Products

KidsKuts knows lice can be a problem for many parents with young children.  We carry top quality products that make lice disappear.

Lice KillerLiceKiller product

Lice Killer knows you’ve probably already tried other head lice treatments. And they didn’t work. So you’re frustrated and looking for the answer.  Here is a lice treatment that truly works. It’s made from natural ingredients. It really does kill head lice. Using their three step process is easy to do, takes only minutes and in about one hour, you’ll be Lice Free!

Quit Nits

The Quit Nits Complete Lice Kit is a complete head lice control system and contains Wild Child’s Quit Nits One Treatment and Quit Nits Defence Spray. The Quit Nits Complete Lice Kit treats head lice and helps prevent re-infestation with just three simple steps:QuitNits Lice Removal Kit

  • Apply treatment cream to dry hair and leave for 4 hours
  • Wash out without the need for combing
  • Apply Quit Nits Defence Spray daily to reduce the chances of reinfestation

Each Kit Contains:

Quit Nits One – a simple to use yet highly effective head lice treatment which kills lice and eggs with one application.1,2

  • No combing required
  • Low irritant formulated
  • Suitable for nursing and pregnant mums 3
  • Simple to use

Quit Nits Defence Spray – For over 15 years Quit Nits Defence Spray has been providing been used by parents around the world to limit head lice infestation.

  • Easy spray on application
  • No Malathion or Permethrin
  • Contains natural ingredients
  • Low allergy formula
  • Pleasant fragrance
  • Non flammable

Quits Nits products are all natural, and contain:

  • No Malathion or Permethrin
  • No nut oils
  • No Sodium lauryl or laureth sulphate
  • No parabens
  • No mineral oils
  • No genetically modified ingredients